Gossa Lô

Bolesian BV, The Netherlands


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Gossa Lô is specialist and professional in Artificial Intelligence. She obtained a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has a longstanding experience in Socially Aware Computing and ICT for Development, for which she conducted trans-disciplinary projects in Ghana and Mali as a member of the Web Alliance for Regreening in Africa research group (W4RA). The focus of her research was on translating information needs of rural farmers into practical and easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence tools. One of the AI tools she developed is DigiVet, an application for diagnosis of animal health, contextualized to the rural African environment. Gossa works for the Dutch tech firm Bolesian.ai where she focuses on Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and ‘AI4Good’. She passionately applies AI in a wide variety of contexts, while tuned to the rapidly changing scientific, organizational and global developments of ethical AI and inclusion in the AI community. She is personally committed to creating algorithms that positively contribute to the world, be it in West Africa or Europe.