Michael E. Caspersen

It-vest – Networking Universities and Aarhus University, Denmark


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Michael E. Caspersen is Managing Director at It-vest – Networking Universities, and Honorary Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University; his research interests are in the areas of computing education, computational thinking, programming methodology, and object-oriented programming. Michael has published more than 60 papers on computer science education and is co-author of a two-volume textbook on programming and co-editor of “Reflections on the Teaching of Programming” published by Springer-Verlag, 2008.

He is member of the Steering Committee for Informatics for All and was co-chair of the Committee on European Computing Education established jointly by ACM Europe and Informatics Europe. He is member of the Board of Informatics Europe and responsible for the organisation’s educational activities. Since 2008, Michael has been heavily involved in development of the new informatics subject for Danish high school. In 2018, by personal invitation from the Minister of Education, he was co-chair of the expert group developing a new informatics subject for 1st through 9th grade. Michael is a Fellow of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences and member of The Digital Council; and he is recognised as Distinguished Member of ACM.