Nikolas Popper

TU Wien, Austria


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Nikolas “Niki” Popper studied Mathematics/Computer Science in Vienna, Barcelona (Catalonia) and Moscow/Idaho (US) and received his PhD in Mathematics at TU Wien. He is coordinator of COCOS “Centre for Computational Complex Systems” at TU Wien as well as chairman of DEXHELPP (Decision Support for Health Policy and Planning), which is dedicated to decision making in health systems. Main research interests are theory and applications of modelling & simulation of dynamic systems, comparative modelling & simulation; model coupling and comparison; implementation, parametrization, calibration and validation concepts. Niki Popper is founding president of ISPOR Austria Chapter, member of the ASIM Board and Secretary of EUROSIM. In 2020 he is member of the COVID19 Advisory Board to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Member of the Austrian COVID19 Prognosis Consortium. Recent keynotes include the Wittgenstein Centre Conference at the Austrian Academy of Sciences 2020 or ETFA 2020 – IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation. He co-founded two successful companies, the drahtwarenhandlung for scientific films & data journalism and the R&D company dwh GmbH for technical solutions and simulation services, dedicated to develop pipelines from the basic idea for a data driven analysis up to a ready for market solution.