Sally Wyatt

Maastricht University, The Netherlands


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Sally Wyatt is Professor of Digital Cultures at Maastricht University (https://sallywyatt.nl). She is also one of the national coordinators of the Dutch Digital Society programme that involves all Dutch universities and includes researchers from across the disciplines (https://www.thedigitalsociety.info). Wyatt originally studied economics, but then moved into the more interdisciplinary field of Science and Technology Studies (STS). She has worked in various universities in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and has held visiting positions in Canada, Austria, France and Norway. Wyatt has conducted research about the digital divide and what digital technologies might mean for the work of humanities and social science scholars. She is currently working on a project about the use of artificial intelligence in image-based clinical decision making. Together with Anna Harris and Susan Kelly, she is co-author of the award-winning book, CyberGenetics, Health Genetics and New Media (2016, Routledge).