Julia Neidhardt

TU Wien, Austria

Picture: Amélie Chapalain / TU Wien Informatics

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Julia Neidhardt is a researcher at TU Wien informatics, specializing in data science with a background in mathematics and computer science. She has been a guest researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Northwestern University in the USA, and the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Her research focuses on user modeling, recommender systems, and capturing online behavior in tourism and news domains.

She has published her work in renowned conferences and journals, including Nature Human Behaviour, and has given talks at prestigious events such as the Oxford Women in Computer Science - Distinguished Speaker Series. She holds key roles in the academic community, including being a senior program committee member for the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys) and an associate editor for the Journal of Information Technology & Tourism. She is also actively involved in organizing workshops and conferences. Julia Neidhardt is affiliated with the Digital Humanism Initiative at TU Wien and serves as a board member of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (CAIML). She leads the Christian Doppler Lab for Recommender Systems at TU Wien since 2022 and holds the UNESCO Co-Chair on Digital Humanism since 2023.