Nikolaus Forgó

University of Vienna, Austria


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Nikolaus Forgó is Professor of IT and IP Law and Head of the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law of the University of Vienna, where he is also the head of the Postgraduate Program for Information- and Media Law, founded by himself. Until 2017, he was Professor for IT-Law and Legal Informatics at Leibniz University Hannover, where he also served as Head of the Institute for Legal Informatics, as Data Protection Officer, and as Chief Information Officer. From 2013 to 2017, he was Director of the Research Center L3S in Hanover. He has conducted extensive dogmatic and third-party funded research for European, German and Austrian clients regarding questions of IT law, in particular data protection and data security law, and engaged in evaluation and consulting activities for the European Commission, the German Research Foundation, the German Ethics Council as well as various German and Austrian ministries, among others. Since March 2017, Prof Forgó is serving as member of the Digitalisation Council of Lower Saxony and since July 2018 as expert member of the Data Protection Council of the Republic of Austria.