Philipp Mahlow: “The European Union's AI Regulation: A (golden) cage for innovation?”

CAIML Seminar with Philipp Mahlow about the AI regulation of the EU.

CAIML Seminar with Philipp Mahlow took place on January 9, 2024. You can find the abstract, speaker information, slides, and recording below.


Together, we will first look at the way in which the European Union regulates innovation. We will then look specifically at AI regulation within Europe and place a special focus on the centrepiece of this regulation: the AI Act. We will learn which scenarios it regulates, which requirements are placed on specific AI systems and which rules foundation models will be subject to in the future. All of this should enable you to independently assess whether Europe’s AI regulation hinders or promotes AI innovation.

About the Speaker

Philipp Mahlow has graduated from the University of Cologne’s Law School. He is currently undergoing preparations for his PhD research in AI regulation, specifically focusing on the Artificial Intelligence Act proposed by the European Commission.


Here you can download the slides:
Download the slides.


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Philipp Mahlow - “The European Union's AI Regulation: A (golden) cage for innovation?”
Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2aHZUjMB6hw