Digital Humanism: On Digitalization and “Artificial” Intelligence

Hannes Werthner from the Digital Humanism Initiative gave a talk on digitalization, artificial intelligence, and digital humanism.


About the Event

Good or bad, or both? Digitalization is a good example of our world full of contradictions. Information technology has the potential to help solve a variety of crises, such as climate change. At the same time, it is also part of the problem by exacerbating or even contributing to existing crises.

And it itself has its own negative effects, changing us and the world. Or how it raises the question of the nature of humanity with developments in artificial intelligence.

Digital humanism sees itself as a response to this situation, to the many faces of digital technologies. Hannes Werthner, one of the initiators of the Digital Humanism Initiative and CAIML Special Interest Group Digital Humanism, sees how computer science and information technology are changing the world and us, and gave a talk on digitalization, artificial intelligence, and digital humanism on March 18, 2024.

You can find the video below (in German).


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Wiener Vorlesung 18.3.2024: Digitaler Humanismus. Über Digitalisierung und „Künstliche“ Intelligenz
Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ey2Y4UuXG8Y