Stavros Makris

University of Glasgow, Scotland


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Stavros is a Lecturer in Competition Law at University of Glasgow. In his research he explores how economic knowledge, legal reasoning and values interact in competition law, and how competition law can incorporate new knowledge and remain responsive to changing societal circumstances without losing its integrity. Stavros’s research also investigates how competition law and regulation can make digital markets competitive and fair; how sustainability concerns can be incorporated in competition analysis; and how competition law can be effectively enforced. Stavros holds an LLB and an LLM in Philosophy of Law (with distinction) from the University of Athens, Law School, an LLM (with distinction) from University College London (UCL), and he completed his PhD at the European University Institute (EUI). Stavros has been a Fellow in Law at LSE, a Teaching Fellow at SciencesPo, and he has served as an expert advisor for the Hellenic Competition Commission. He is admitted to the Athens Bar.