ABC Blockchain Talk #20

Join an inspiring panel discussion about blockchain, AI, and quantum tech.


January 29th 2024

  • 17:00 – 20:00 CET
  • TU Wien, Campus Getreidemarkt Konferenzsaal TUtheSky
  • 1060 Vienna, Getreidemarkt 9
    Bauteil BA (Hoftrakt), 11. Stock, Raum BA11B09

Technological innovation is the future. The future is technological innovation.

Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum tech are three buzzwords that are having a lasting impact on our lives in business and society and are currently the subject of much discussion. Experts from all three areas will discuss current trends, present research work and highlight both opportunities and challenges. We will cover everything from securing the business location to questions of governance.

The event is organized by the Austrian Blockchain Center, the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna Business Agency.


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  • Ivona Brandić, Professor for High Performance Computing Systems, TU Wien
  • Stefan Craß, ABC Research
  • Mathias Grünsteidl, CEO Glink
  • Walter Palmetshofer, Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, TU Wien
  • Johannes Pseiner, Quantum Technology Laboratories GmbH
  • Sabine Walch, CEO danube.ai

Moderator: Walter Mösenbacher, Austrian Blockchain Center, ABC Research