Women in Logic Online - Network Mathematics

Valeria de Paiva will be giving the first talk in this new seminar series “Women in Logic Online”.


March 20th 2024

  • 17:00 – 18:00 CET
  • This is an online-only event.
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On March 20, 2024, the first talk of the new seminar series “Women in Logic Online” with Valeria de Paiva will take place.


This is the first talk in a new series of seminars we are calling “Women in Logic Online”. As such, I want to start by discussing our collective “Women in Logic”, our successes and challenges, as well as our future plans. Still, for most of our work as women in logic in the past seven years, we have vouched to discuss not only our problems and actions, but mostly real work in logic, be that in Computing, AI, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, and any of the intersections thereof. Thus, I also want to talk about my project “Network Mathematics”, which puts together previous strands of work in language, logic, and mathematics. This means that I will tell you about three small prototypes designed to make use of the new tools of AI to improve access to mathematics, especially to Category Theory.

About the Speaker

Valeria de Paiva is a mathematician, logician, and AI scientist, working on natural language processing, logical inference, and all kinds of semantics, especially Dialectica categories. Before Topos, Valeria worked at top industry NLP labs, including Samsung Research America, Nuance, Deem, Cuil, and for many years at Xerox PARC. Before that, she was a professor at the University of Birmingham, UK. She is very keen on making sure that women are not too short-changed in their professional lives. For that, she maintains the “Women in Logic” website, Facebook group, and blog, helps the ACM-W Scholarship program, and started the international workshop “Women in Logic”, now going for its 7th year.

About the Event

This is an online event. Visit the official website of the event for further information and the registration link.