EURIDICE: European Inclusive Education for Digital Society, Social Innovation and Global Citizenship

CAIML is proud to be part of the EURIDICE consortium.


CAIML is proud to be part of the EURIDICE consortium.

The EURIDICE project aims to usher Europe into the digital future by educating the next generation of innovators and leaders with advanced digital skills tailored for societal transformation and global citizenship. Initiated by the European Union, EURIDICE focuses on nurturing talent that understands the intersection of society and technology, driving human-centered innovation responsibly and inclusively.

Objectives of EURIDICE

The project is centered on interdisciplinary education in advanced digital technologies, aiming to produce graduates proficient in fields such as AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Cybersecurity. However, these technical skills are coupled with insights from law, humanities, social sciences, and business/economics to ensure a holistic understanding of the digital landscape.

Educational Programs

EURIDICE offers three main educational programs targeting master students, academic teachers, and working professionals. Courses are designed to be hands-on and challenge-based, promoting a blend of technical proficiency and understanding of associated socio-technical issues, like the ethical implications of AI and digital inclusivity.

Innovation in Education:

EURIDICE introduces educational innovations such as the European Microcredential Approach, ensuring quality and portability of credentials. Moreover, it employs a novel teaching concept that combines in-person interaction with the scalability of online learning, adapting to a post-covid educational landscape.

Collaboration and Outreach

Built on a consortium of various universities and research institutions across Europe, EURIDICE fosters a collaborative environment. It brings together diverse academic expertise and emphasizes strong connections with industry and societal institutions for a well-rounded educational approach.


Graduates of EURIDICE will be equipped to take leadership positions in various sectors, driving digital transformation with a balanced understanding of technological capabilities and societal needs, thus contributing to a fair, inclusive, and democratic digital society in Europe and beyond.

A Project of Digital Innovation

Not only does EURIDICE focus on educating about digital innovation, but the project itself also embodies innovation through its interdisciplinary, challenge-based approach, and its blend of on-site and online learning methodologies. Through these means, EURIDICE aims to bridge the digital divide, promoting a future where technology aligns with human values and societal well-being.

Links for Further Information

The narrative of the EURIDICE logo is linked to the mythological story of Orpheus and Euridice, which is narrated by Ovid in Metamorphoses, Book 10.

In Ovid’s poem, the lyre was Orpheus’ musical instrument, given to him as a special gift from Apollo. Orpheus played and sang so virtuosically that he could enchant any creature of nature with his mesmerising chords and voice. This is how Orpheus impressed the nymph Euridice, who fell in love with him and married him.

The lyre in EURIDICE’s logo is reminiscent of the Digital Society, which should be harmonious and human-centered. The chords are inconspicuous but carefully replaced by vertices and edges. The nodes and links of the Digital Society are pseudomorphic to a perfect lyre.

The blue planet earth, placed, conspicuously behind the lyre, reminds us of our responsibility, as global citizens.