Formal Verification of Deep Neural Networks for Code Conversion Applications

The research unit Compilers and Languages at TU Wien together with Nile University, Cairo, invites you to an event.

Picture: Ahmad Dirini / unsplash.com

May 8th 2024

  • 13:00 – 15:00 CEST
  • Bibliothek E194-05
  • 1040 Vienna, Argentinierstraße 8
    4th floor


We are delighted to invite you for a presentation on an exciting collaborative research project between our Institute and Nile University in Egypt. As part of this collaboration, esteemed colleagues from Nile University will be visiting the Technical University of Vienna, and we warmly invite you to join us in welcoming them and learning more about the project.

During the presentation, our esteemed guests will provide an overview of the collaborative research project, highlighting its objectives, methodologies, and potential impact. This is an excellent opportunity for us to engage in fruitful discussions, foster new connections, and explore avenues for future collaboration.

We encourage all faculty members, researchers, and students with an interest in interdisciplinary research, international collaboration, to attend this presentation.

Light refreshments will be served following the presentation, providing an opportunity for informal networking and further discussion.

We look forward to your presence and participation in this enriching event.

Project Abstract: Formal Verification of Deep Neural Networks for Code Conversion Applications

The project aims to enhance mobile applications' efficiency and reliability by integrating advanced formal verification methods with deep neural networks. The need for code conversion is increasing in different areas as a powerful technique for automatically migrating applications across different platforms. A smart accurate code conversion framework would ease the process of developing applications for different operating systems and help smooth migration to updated hardware technologies with better resources.

This collaboration between Nile University and TU Wien focuses on developing sophisticated tools for cross-platform code conversion, addressing key challenges in software engineering, and fostering international academic cooperation.The project is funded by the OeAD’s Kooperation Entwicklungsforschung – KoEF program. It runs from June 2023 to June 2026, engaging scholars and PhD students in cutting-edge research and technological exchange.

About the Team

The Egyptian team, comprising experts from Nile University, specializes in software engineering with a focus on code-to-code conversion and machine learning. Their collective expertise encompasses software development, and innovative software solutions, significantly advancing the field of cross-platform mobile development. This team’s research and academic efforts contribute to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of software applications across various cross platforms, underscoring their impact in both academic and practical applications in software engineering. Team members: Dr. Walaa Medhat, Prof. Ahmed Hassan, Dr. Sahar Selim, Eng. Ahmad Ahmad and Eng. Amira Tarek, Nile University, Egypt.