Clemens Heitzinger: “How ChatGPT Works”

Clemens Heitzinger gives an introduction to the algorithms and training process behind ChatGPT.


March 23rd 2023

  • 17:30 – 22:30 CET
  • Talent Garden Austria
  • 1090 Vienna, Liechtensteinstraße 111/115

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On March 23, 2023, Clemens Heitzinger, Co-head of CAIML, gives an introduction to the main concepts behind the success of ChatGPT as part of an AI meetup organized by Talent Garden and Dotbite. If you are interested, you can register here.

Further information can also be found here.


Large Language Models such as ChatGPT are the most recent success in a whole string of successes of modern AI methods. ChatGPT’s learning algorithm is mainly based on two recent developments: transformers and deep reinforcement learning. In this talk, an introduction to how the training of ChatGPT works is given, and further applications of these methods are discussed.