Application for Became AI Forge

A platform to connect talents, experts and businesses to explore opportunities around generative AI. Join the first batch of the Became AI Forge.


Generative AI will be the most significant disruption of our lifetimes. It is our obligation as scientists to guide the application and further development of this technology in such a way that it benefits us all.

We are pleased to announce that we have just launched the Became AI platform in collaboration with CAIML at TU Wien and its newly established special interest group (SIG) Generative AI. One of its initiatives is the Became AI Forge, which provides a guided three-months program offering hands-on mentorship and sponsored resources such as API access and cloud GPUs for exploring generative AI.

Besides that, there will be the Became AI Lab bridging science and businesses, where you will be able to apply your learnings from the Became AI Forge to real-world projects with real-world data.

Our big vision is to build an initiative that has an impact beyond individual projects. We want to drive the adoption of generative AI in Austria and also create our own large language model in order to become independent from big-tech companies.

As TU Wien is going to offer classes on generative AI starting this fall, there will be the option to have your practical work recognized there.

If you want to join our first batch of the Became AI Forge, please register on our website https://became.ai/ till 15.06.2023 at 23:59. If you have any further questions, please email us at tuwien@became.ai.