Internet Summit Austria 2023

What remains of human when intelligence becomes artificial?


September 28th 2023

  • 15:00 – 22:00 CEST

About the Event

What remains of the human when intelligence becomes artificial? The impact of advances in algorithms, data, and computing power means that we must ask the fundamental questions of humanism in the digital space as well. The Vienna Manifesto for Digital Humanism called for this back in 2019. Technology always has concrete effects on people and our coexistence, and it was no coincidence that humanism spread together with the invention of printing. But what connections and servers do we need today and in the future so that artificial intelligences can be used by as many people as possible? So how do we as a society deal with this technological revolution?

When data crosses borders - what law is applied? If language programs and artificial intelligence are trained using, among other things, newspapers' online articles - should their publishers have rights to the resulting AI? What protection should AI-generated art enjoy? How can we be sure that AI will not take control itself and harm humans?

The EU Commission has already proposed the AI Act: risk regulation instead of machine storming is its approach. After all, the opportunities offered by this technology are enormous: labor savings, productivity gains, advances in science and research. Problems previously considered unsolvable could be solved, and completely new professions will emerge. As AI takes on ever more complex tasks - how can we ensure that technological progress also leads to human progress?

These questions will be discussed at the Internet Summit Austria on September 28, 2023, where Stefan Woltran, Co-head of CAIML, will participate at a panel discussion.

The language of the event is German. Please visit the homepage of the event for registration and further information.


Stefan Ebenberger, ISPA Secretary General

Karoline Edtstadler, Federal Minister for the EU and Constitution

Artificial intelligence is here. How do we deal with it?

Carina Zehetmaier, Co-founder and CEO of AI company Taxtastic, President of Women in Artifical Intelligence Austria and human rights lawyer

Panel Discussion:
Carina Zehetmaier
Wolfgang Freiseisen, CEO RISC Software GmbH, AI Applications in the Industry
Jeannette Gorzala. Vice President of the European AI Forum, lawyer specializing in the application of new technologies and Legal Tech
Stefan Woltran, Co-head of CAIML and Univ.-Prof. for Formal Foundations of Artificial Intelligence at TU Wien


How does technical progress also become human progress?

Robert Trappl, Head of Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Univ.-Prof. em. for Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at Medical University of Vienna

Panel Discussion:
Robert Trappl
Florian Aigner, Physicist at TU Wien and science journalist, extensive work on anti-scientific thinking and the overwhelm of people through complexity
Eva Eggeling, Head of Fraunhofer Innovation Center for Digitalization and Artifial Intelligence KI4LIFE
Mic Hirschbrich, Co-founder and Co-CEO of AI company Apollo.ai

Harald Kapper, ISPA President