Coordinator: Oliver Hödl

The SIG Energy is motivated by the fact that data on energy consumption and production on a European level is key to the urgently required energy transition. This will enable future applications for energy communities across countries, peer-to-peer trading, and demand side flexibility when energy consumers also become producers through the installation of renewable energy sources (e.g., PV panels, batteries, heat pumps).

The more energy data become available, the more we need AI and ML-based applications to understand and work with large amounts of data on energy production and consumption on a local, regional, national, and international level. Key in this regard – at least on a European level – is a common European energy data space that enables access to energy production and consumption data and allows strictly consent-based data sharing with eligible parties. The Horizon Europe project EDDIE, which stands for European Distributed Data Infrastructure for Energy, is working on such a European energy data space. The project is funded with 8 million Euro and is implemented from 2023 to 2025 with the support of 16 partners across Europe.


Project website: www.eddie.energy
EDDIE on tour: instagram.com/eddie.energy
EDDIE for business: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eddie-energy


Dr. Oliver Hödl, oliver.hoedl@eddie.energy
Project Coordinator of www.eddie.energy
Professor at the Department for Smart and Interconnected Living at www.fh-hagenberg.at
Lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science at www.univie.ac.at