Sustainability and AI

Coordinators: Ezio Bartocci, Ivona Brandic

The Special Interest Group on “Sustainability and AI” addresses the pressing need to develop and implement computing solutions that are energy-efficient and sustainable, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This initiative starts in response to the growing concerns about the environmental impact (e.g., CO2, water consumption) and energy demands of data-intensive applications, including advanced AI tools like large language models and image classification systems.

This Special Interest Group will focus on re-evaluating and innovating the deployment of new software and hardware solutions in AI, with a strong emphasis on energy awareness and sustainable practices, aiming to surpass the current standards in the field.


  • Alessandro Tundo (TU Wien)
  • Shashikant Ilager (TU Wien)
  • Leonardo Mariani (Università Milano Bicocca)
  • Marco Mobilio (Universita' Milano Bicocca)
  • Atakan Aral (Umeå University)