Student Information

Activities for students at CAIML.

CAIML Seminar

In the CAIML seminar series, students and CAIML partners present and discuss current research topics and projects. Students write summaries of the talks in each session.

After successful completion of the course, students are able to provide an overview on the new research topcis and issues on AI and ML.

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Student Exchange Program With the Tufts University

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our exchange program with the Tufts University for up to five students for the fall semester in 2023. These five students from the TU Wien can choose from the following Tufts University courses free of charge:

  • CS 105-01 Programming Languages - M. Kazerounian, R. Townsend
  • CS 107-01 Compilers - R. Townsend
  • CS 115-01 Database Systems - J. Bater
  • CS 116-01 Introduction to Security - M. Chow
  • CS 117-01 Internet-Scale Distributed Systems: Lessons from the World Wide Web - N. Mendelsohn
  • CS 119-01 Big Data - To Be Announced
  • CS 121-01 Software Engineering - J. Foster
  • CS 131-01 Artificial Intelligence - F. Santini
  • CS 133-01 Human-Robot Interaction - E. Short
  • CS 134-01 Computational Models in Cognitive Science - J. de Ruiter
  • CS 135-01 Introduction to Machine Learning - M. Hughes
  • CS 137-01 Deep Neural Networks - L. Liu
  • CS 138-01 Reinforcement Learning - J. Sinapov
  • CS 139-01 Ethics for AI, Robotics, and Human Robot Interaction - M. Scheutz
  • CS 150-02 Quantum Information Science - S. Mehraban
  • CS 151-01 Introduction to Mobile Application Development on iOS and Swift - R. Simmons
  • CS 152-01 Human Factors in Security and Privacy - D. Votipka
  • CS 160-01 Algorithms - M. Allen, K. Edwards
  • CS 163-01 Computational Geometry - D. Souvaine
  • CS 169-01 Statistical Bioinformatics - D. Slonim
  • CS 170-01 Computation Theory - To Be Announced
  • CS 201-01 Cyber for Future Policymakers - D. Lillethun
  • CS 202-01 How Systems Work - M. Sheldon

(see details https://www.cs.tufts.edu/t/courses/schedules/fall2023)

Please express your interest until July 13 via a direct email to Matthias.Scheutz@tufts.edu - you will receive then further information about the possible courses.