Tentative list of lecturers of the DIGHUM Summer School 2024.

  • Franco Accordino, European Commission: Impact on State and Government
  • Atakan Aral, Umeå University, Sweden & University of Vienna, Austria: Digitalization and Sustainability Aspects
  • Karin Attermeyer, University of Vienna & WasserCluster Lunz, Austria: Digitalization and Sustainability Aspects
  • Anna Bon, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands: ICT in Developing Countries
  • Robin Burke, University of Colorado Boulder, USA: Fairness in Recommender Systems
  • Milad Doueihi, Paris-Sorbonne University, France: Philosophical Foundations
  • Monika Lanzenberger, European Commission: Impact on State and Government
  • Thomas Lohninger, epicenter.works, Austria: Digital Public Infrastructure: Who Governs the Operation System of the Digitised Society
  • Stavros Makris, University of Glasgow, UK: Competition Law, Policy and Regulation in the Digital Era: A Political Economy Approach
  • George Metakides, Digital Enlightenment Forum: Introduction to Digital Humanism
  • Jürgen Pfeffer, TU München, Germany: Degenerative Democracy
  • Ute Schmid, University of Bamberg, Germany: Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence: Comprehensible, Knowledge-informed, and Revisable
  • Maria Soledad Pera, TU Delft, Netherlands: Information Retrieval and Recommendations for Underrepresented Groups
  • Hannes Werthner, TU Wien, Austria: Introduction to Digital Humanism