Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups at CAIML.

CAIML is a hub for research, innovation, collaboration, and education. This center should bring together experts, researchers, students, and industry professionals to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and drive advancements in AI and ML technologies.

CAIML is a focal point for advancing the field, fostering collaboration, nurturing talent, and promoting AI and ML technologies' responsible and ethical use. Through its activities, it contributes to the growth and development of AI and ML ecosystems in academia and industry.

Within CAIML, there exist several Special Interest Groups that share a common interest, expertise, or focus on specific topics. SIGs are formed to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among individuals who have specialized knowledge in a particular field.

AI in Industry

Robert Sablatnig logo Martin Kampel logo

Coordinators: Robert Sablatnig, Martin Kampel

Digital Humanism

Peter Knees logo

Coordinator: Peter Knees


Oliver Hödl logo

Coordinator: Oliver Hödl

Generative AI

Bernhard Krüpl-Sypien logo Julia Neidhardt logo

Coordinators: Bernhard Krüpl-Sypien, Julia Neidhardt


Ioannis Giannopoulos logo

Coordinator: Ioannis Giannopoulos

High-Energy Physics

Claudius Krause

Coordinator: Claudius Krause

Human-Centered AI

Florian Michahelles logo

Coordinator: Florian Michahelles

Knowledge Discovery in Architecture

Milica Vujovic logo

Coordinator: Milica Vujovic

Knowledge Graphs

Katja Hose Emanuel Sallinger

Coordinators: Katja Hose, Emanuel Sallinger


Agata Ciabattoni logo

Coordinator: Agata Ciabattoni

Materials Science

Georg Madsen logo

Coordinator: Georg Madsen


Oliver Kimberger logo

Coordinator: Oliver Kimberger

Numerics for AI/AI for Numerics

Michael Feischl Ansgar Jüngel

Coordinators: Michael Feischl, Ansgar Jüngel

Quantum Physics

Sabine Andergassen logo

Coordinator: Sabine Andergassen

Reinforcement Learning

Radu Grosu logo

Coordinator: Radu Grosu

Social Networks and Graph Analytics

Stefan Neumann

Coordinator: Stefan Neumann

Statistics and AI

Laura Vana-Guer

Coordinator: Laura Vana-Guer

Sustainability and AI

Ezio Bartocci Ivona Brandic

Coordinators: Ezio Bartocci, Ivona Brandic

Visual Computing

Martin Kampel logo

Coordinator: Martin Kampel